Briefly about the course

Our experts have developed a unique training programme that will help your child develop not only the skills necessary for successful studies and future professional activity, but also social skills, which are no less important in our time.

As part of the course, your child will learn how to work in a team, make decisions, manage their time, develop their creativity, public speaking and much more.

Kids get a workbook! To learn to read, write, and be sure to do homework.

And those kids who successfully complete their homework will be rewarded with stickers with a kitten. The kitten is happy to help his parents at home, brushing his teeth, going to bed on time, doing his homework and even cleaning his room.

Without dreams, no goal, no motivation!

Our experienced teachers use interactive teaching methods to help children learn in a fun and stress-free way. We have created a friendly and safe environment where children can express themselves freely, ask questions and receive support from our team.

The 21st Century Soft Skills Level 1 course is the perfect choice for parents who want to help their child become a successful and confident individual. We invite you to enrol your child on the course and give them the opportunity to learn skills that will be useful to them for the rest of their lives!

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your child’s future – enrol on the 21st Century Soft Skills Level 1 course today!

Only 10 academic hours a month:

  • 4 main classes of 2 academ hours of English immersion classes
  • 2 additional akademic hours for any optional classes, activities in our school (once in 2 weeks, the schedule is discussed in each group individually with children and parents)

Price 159 euros / month.

The classes are held at Laulupo 24-14 Tallinn

Monday 18:30 offline group in Russian with English immersion

Thursday 18:30 offline group in Russian with English immersion

Come early to be on time!

At the very bottom you’ll find a video gallery!

Turn on the sound and watch us take a class.

Video gallery

Turn on the sound and watch us teach our classes