Summer camps

Format: city camp, 5+5 days
Time: Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00
Recommended number of people: 20

If you want to give your child an unforgettable summer and prepare them for a successful future, our urban summer camps on financial literacy and entrepreneurship are the right thing for you.

🎯 Here your child will get:

  • Practical skills in finance and entrepreneurship that will help him or her face the future with confidence.
  • The opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, working on their own projects under the guidance of experienced mentors.
  • New acquaintances and friendships with like-minded people who, like your child, are ready to learn and develop.
  • A sense of achievement and self-confidence, receiving a course mark and recognition for their achievements.
  • Valuable experience of working as part of a team, which will help you adapt easily to any professional environment in the future.

🎁 Join us this summer and help your child discover the world of finance and entrepreneurship that will bring them success and happiness in the future!

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What competencies the child is developing:

  • Logical and creative thinking – quests, games and activities are structured in such a way that children develop their thinking in a comprehensive way.

  • Public speaking – self-presentation, public speaking, ability to work with an audience, we devote a part of the events in each shift to this.

  • Management and teamwork – this skill is important for a child’s brilliant career as well as for everyday situations.

  • Time Management – the child will learn how to better manage their time and learn the basics of planning.

  • Independence – develop habits of organising your time and following a plan.

  • Responsibility – personal competitions and team games train the ability to set goals and achieve them, to take responsibility not only for oneself but also for the team.

  • Self-confidence – we help each child to overcome shyness, calmly accept criticism and comments, express their own opinion and speak in public without problems.

  • Communication – the ability to negotiate is a skill that is hard to do without in today’s society.

  • Goal setting – setting the right goal is the first and most important step on the way to realising it. Proper formulation often already contains the answers – what, how and in what sequence to do and how to prioritise.

Financial literacy shift “Money Workshop”

All participants are residents of the state of the future.
What is it like? Economically developed, rich in resources.
In it, every person is engaged in his or her favourite occupation.
There is an abundance of money in the state and everyone can earn as much as they want.


By learning the secrets of wealth from a famous millionaire.
of the nation of the future. Is it easy to become rich and create capital in such a state? Yes, but only if you understand and apply all the secret tips of the millionaire, withstand the obstacles and resist the higher power – the cyclical economy.

So, over the course of the shift, each child
(resident of the city) learns the skills of earning money, paying taxes, creating savings and spending wisely.

Objective: to teach the people of the future state to use their financial resources wisely and to increase them throughout their lives.
and grow throughout their lives.

What children will learn:

  • Decompose goals and create a route to achieve them
  • Create a financial plan
  • Understand basic banking products
  • Understand how investments work and how they differ from stocks, bonds and other financial instruments;
  • Learn about investment instruments, learn how to identify risky financial instruments, and refuse to work with them.
  • And, of course, they will start to be more careful with their family budget.

Age of students: 7+, 10+
Format: city camp, 5+5 days
Cost: 200 euros for 5 days (3 meals a day included)
Time: Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00

Dates of the programme:
1 shift from 03/07/23-14/07/23

Money workshop (7-9 years old)
Money workshop (10-15 years old)

2 shift from 31/07/23-11/08/23

Money workshop (7-9 years old)
Money workshop (10-15 years old)

Entrepreneurial shift “Entrepreneurial Laboratory”

It’s a big economic game in which each player, day by day, goes through all the stages of startup development, from idea to realisation: you throw a die, stand on a stage and take action.

Players have to face the market, an unstoppable element that brings with it the dangers of bankruptcy
and bureaucratic traps. Determination, knowledge and new friends will help them overcome them and successfully launch their first business.

Objective: to go through all the stages of the board game by building your own commercial business project.

What children will learn:

  • Generate a business idea
  • Apply marketing tools
  • Understand the consumer and his problems
  • Select a team for their project
  • Build a business model for the project
  • Sell the created product

Age of students: 7+, 10+
Format: city camp, 5+5 days
Cost: 200 euros for 5 days (3 meals included)
Time: Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00

Dates of the programme:

1 shift from 17/07/23-28/07/23

Entrepreneurship Lab (7-09 years old)
Entrepreneurship Lab (10-15 years old)

2 shift from 14/08/23-25/08/23

Entrepreneurship Lab (7-09 years)
Entrepreneurship Lab (10-15 years old)