Welcome to the course “Stage 3: STARTUP Management” for children from 11 to 12 years old!

What skills and competences will a child gain by mastering Stage 3?

  • Goal-setting – the child knows how to set goals, understands what specific steps are needed to achieve them;
  • Time management – the child knows how to manage his/her time rationally, prioritises tasks, develops concentration and attention;
  • Teamwork;
  • Leadership skills – unlocking personal potential, acquiring startup and team management skills;
  • Identification of one’s own and others’ emotions;
  • Financial literacy – the child understands how to manage money wisely, understands banking services, knows various services for personal and family budgeting;
  • Oratory – the child learns the structure of a successful TED-style speech, possesses effective skills of attracting and holding the attention of the audience, develops his/her speech;
  • Formation of entrepreneurial thinking;
  • Defining their business idea, building a business model;
  • Mastering the project activity on the example of his business project;
  • Development of own business project – mastering sales techniques, work on marketplace, business partnership;
  • Maintaining social networks as personal and business accounts.

Total 10 academ hours per month:

  • 4 main classes of 2 academ hours with immersion in English language
  • 2 additional academ hours for any optional classes, activities in our school (once every 2 weeks, the schedule is discussed in each group individually with children and parents).

The price is €159/month.

Classes are held at Laulupo 24-14 Tallinn.

Tuesday 16:00 offline group in Russian with English immersion.

Friday 16:00 offline group in Russian with English immersion.

Monday 19::00 online group in Russian with English immersion

Thursday 19:00 online group in Russian with English immersion.

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