Leisure education for children

Educational Institution:

BSFactory LTD.

Curriculum Title:

Business skills training for children aged 6 to 16 years old


Basic Business Reasons.

Levels of education are:

Hobby education for children

Main language of instruction:

Russian or English.


During the year, 9 months + linnalaager 5 + 5 – day exchange.

Information about registration for training:

Please pre-register.

Curriculum Basis:

Hobby education, age minimum 6-16 years old.

Target audience and study start conditions:

9-month training from September to May.

Entrepreneurial Skills Games in the form of entrepreneurial skills training for children and young people aged 6-16 years old. Welcome to anyone who is interested in learning entrepreneurial skills, developing a business concept from the inception of your company, their dreams of realising learning and your first independent money-making service.

Summer Linnalager in two phases of 5+5 days.

Logical and creative thinking – adventure games, play and activities are structured to ensure children develop their thinking in a comprehensive way.

Public Speaking – self-expression, public speaking, artistic rhetoric – this is the focus of some of their activities in each shift.

Management and teamwork – this skill is important for a child’s brilliant career as well as for everyday situations.

Time Management – your child learns better the basics of managing their time and planning purchases.

Independence – we develop habits of our own time to organise and plan to keep them.

Responsibility – individual races and team games train the ability to set goals and achieve them, to take responsibility not only for themselves but also for the team in charge.

Self-confidence – we help each child overcome modesty, calmly accept criticism and remarks about themselves, express their opinions and talk about problems publicly.

Communication – negotiating is a skill that is difficult to master in today’s society.

Setting a goal is the right first and most important step in this direction. Good goal setting often already contains the answers – what to do, how and in what order, and how to prioritise.

Dissemination Groups:

Training lasts 9 months from September to May, 20-25 people are members of special groups. Summer camp 5+5 days, 20 to 25 people – members of specific groups. Scope of training (ac.t.):

9 months of training of.
130 academic hours, of which theory: – 40 ac.t.

Practitioner 78 ac.t.:

40 ac.t. – exercises;
20 ac.t. – exercises with a mentor with;
12 ac.t. – excursions;
6 ac.t. – Internship fairs for job placement.

Examinations and completion of training:

4 ac.t. – preparation for the exam;
4 ac.t. – exam;
4 ac.t. – ensuring completion


5 destination/exchange. 5+5 days 0900-1700- 80 ac.t. drill is 1 destination 1 exchange

Training Methods:

Theoretical and practical mentor training with visits to private, official, invited experts, participation in exhibitions for Olympics, exams in summer camps, business plans for defence

Web-based learning:

Explore Zoomis and your e-learning environment

Training Objective:

Our mission is to unlock the younger generation’s innate potential and develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills in children and youth of the 21st century.

The aim of the project is to provide the younger generation with knowledge about the basics of business.

It is an integrated course that consists of a number of innovative modules that focus on:

Your business plan;
the business environment in which the training is conducted;
development of analytical and logical thinking;
learning the theoretical basis of entrepreneurship;
knowledge of transfer quality objectives;
leadership and skills development;
kiryaosav call and developmental delivery

Learning Outcomes:

The child tries out more than 35 professions.

Acquires leadership skills

Learns financial literacy

Acquiring public speaking skills

Learning about the website, reflection and self-reflection.

Learn business processes, learn to work in a team

Learn self-control and self-organisation, you will learn to create unique proposals for sale

Learn to apply information systematically, learn to manage social media wisely, you will learn to communicate with peers and adults, learn to delegate, learn a sense of responsibility, you will learn to plan independent learning-development from learning to achieving results

Learn to read and communicate in active and proactive successful traders, and course experts

Learn to read in the development of literature and classical music to listen to, learn business internal processes
annual Olympiad. Olympiad main goals and objectives have entrepreneurial ability and entrepreneurial skills and interest in identifying and developing, disseminating and popularising business among students, intellectual ability, identification and interest of students in shaping the Republic of Estonia in the field of economic development against the background of involving students in research work, ainetevaheline strengthening ties, and the school is engaged in extracurricular activities, being active in humanities subjects in the cycle of subjects. The Olympiad was held in 7.-11. classes for students in the following areas:

learning content;
learning topics covered;

Success preventing factors mainly leadership qualities high quality goals to be set by controlling time financial literacy

The rhetoric of public speaking
Basic Speaker Boom
Meta-messaging speech techniques to persuade a call algorithm to create an image of it
Introduction to entrepreneurial business idea.
Business model of business processes.
Business of packaging high performance products sales technology


General consumer literacy issues (evaluating product information), signs, consumer/supplier interactions, regulations, etc. Д.);
major consumer related regulations (consumer protection act) RT (I, 01.04.2022, 7, 28.05.2022 etc.);
elements of setting up your business (SME);
financial literacy elements (concepts of financial markets, elements of financial maths, etc.);
optimal economic behaviour;
organisation business activity and planning;
elements of building your business;
modern business tools;
leadership and entrepreneurial competence

Description of the learning environment:

The theoretical part takes place at 24 Laulupeo, Tallinn. There are tables, chairs, a computer, Wi-Fi and all necessary materials for the classes. Participants are the persons teaching at the beginning of the material exchange.

List of training materials:

Teaching materials lecture notes in the form of each lesson

Requirements for completion of the training, including assessment methods and evaluation criteria:

Each year in April a class of 7.-11. students meet between the Olympiads. Voluntary participation.

A 9-month course at the end of protecting children from their business plan, their parents and mentors ahead of them. All children have already launched their own startups or increased their income. All children receive certificates. End of the camp, all children get certificates.

Evaluation method:

Children have written and defended business plans.

Evaluation criteria:

Entrepreneurship day at the Olympic Games

Selection stage:

1 task 4 answers, 1 point for a correct answer = 1 point.

The maximum score is 30 points. From 21 points and above – passing score at the regional participation Olympiad.
Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine in cities between regional Olympiads. 1,2,3 place is awarded according to the number of points gained.

Issuance of documents:

At the end of the training a certificate or diploma of training is issued.

Training to obtain the necessary qualifications, description of training and work experience:

Practical experience of the trainer is based on the specifics of the training. Ability and willingness to own the knowledge
of students on the subject matter.

Pedagogical education or authorisation from Estonian state authorities for children, experience of children. Mandatory 100% knowledge integration through BSFactory OU internal trainers methodology.

Summary of content:

Trained person knows business, leadership, rhetoric, art, financial literacy, social media, basics of promotion, this is your personal business or startup.

Final formation result:
01.08.2022 (DATE)

9 courses.
132,50 euros/month + VAT, or the whole course 1192,50 euros + VAT

City Camp
5 days €83 + VAT